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​Design BOS has been providing design solutions since 2006. We work with a wide range of clients spanning many industries, locally and abroad. We pick the jobs which make us feel proud and happy to have been part of.

Our experience spans brand creation, application and evolution. We have extensive experience in design and Children’s illustration.

Whether it is brand innovation, a marketing campaign, a book cover design or any combination of these, we put together dedicated teams with the right skills for the job. Whatever the project, we direct, co-ordinate and manage with energy & drive. Creativity and ideas are the center of our diverse body of work, bound together by clarity simplicity and an intrinsic passion for design.

With over 20 years’ experience in publishing and design, Design BOS is always interested in partnering in new and exciting ventures. 

Feel free to ask for collaboration, we are always open to new ideas, experimentation, new partners and projects.

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The Buddybugzz:

They flutter, they hum, and they dance to the beat of their own drum! In the bountiful world of the Buddybugzz, everyday escapades become lessons for life. 


The Buddybugzz are the guardians of Hum Forest, a natural wonderland where the air is so pure it’s almost magical. They are a tribe of furry explorers, each endowed with a unique, mindful-superpower to help them protect and nurture the forest, its plants and themselves. By using their powers each Buddybug discovers they can overcome almost anything - if they are mindful… and united, they can fill their world with love.


Through their superpowers, the Buddybugzz become aware of themselves and the world around them, and with a little help from Buddy, their stellar conscience, they discover that happiness begins at home. During their adventures, the Buddybugzz learn about friendship, loving-kindness and gratitude, and how to find peace of mind, even in fur-raising circumstances!


The simplest way to practice mindfulness is to integrate it into everyday activities, and the Buddybugzz show kids how to do just that! It’s easy to find time to practice when you combine it with things you love to do! By showing its viewers how to tap into their very own superpowers, Buddybugzz promises to make mindfulness easier and more accessible to ALL children, than it ever was before.


This show's feel-good factor will last a lifetime!


The Buddybugzz Brand:


Aislí, MD of, created the Buddybugzz brand, to ensure that children had access to simple mental health tools from an early age. She has practised mindfulness for 20 years and has spent over eight years researching its application in children’s entertainment.

In March 2015, Aislí raised over €10k on Kickstarter, to produce Zenji and the Muzzybug. This mindfulness-based bedtime storybook was designed to help children sleep, by incorporating a mindfulness technique called a "body scan" into the story.

Zenji and the Muzzybug went on to win the CAP Award for best Best Junior Book.(Carousel Aware Prize for Independent  Authors), in 2016.

The Buddybugzz concept has since metamorphosed into an animated pre-school series, which is currently in development.

Mindfulness, NLP  & Mental Health: 

Every aspect of Buddybugzz has mindfulness and basic NLP at its core, and almost every element within the series is psychologically significant. The techniques the Buddybugzz use have very real effects, and can be mirrored easily by the viewers at home.


Mindfulness cultivates emotional intelligence by nurturing gratitude, kindness and empathy in children, and it also helps them focus & learn. Mindfulness and NLP not only help children relax, they have also been clinically proven to improve: 

  1. Focus

  2. Memory

  3. Self-esteem

  4. Motivation

  5. Coping skills

  6. Academic performance

  7. Social behaviour.

Mindfulness and NLP have also been proven to

  1. Ease anxiety and mental stress

  2. Help with eating disorders

  3. Treat insomnia

  4. help autistic children relate, and find calm.

  5. increase neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. Buddybugzz will  make children feel happy and leave them wanting more!


The feel-good factor of this series is unlike any other currently on TV

Why Now?

According to the World Health Organisation, 20% of children suffer from mental health issues. The HSE, found that 14.25% of Irish children develop mental health disorders before the age of five. Unfortunately similar statistics can be found in the UK and the USA.


Research findings from clinical trials indicate that mindfulness & NLP practices, alleviate mental and physical health issues. As such, global interest in these practices, is rapidly growing. Millions of children practice it daily, in the majority of schools worldwide and mindfulness is becoming standard, in the day to day lives of the next generation.

Buddybugzz is a unique and entertaining, mindfulness brand for children, a first in the rapidly emerging "mindfulness "market.

Please contact for further information.

This video was created by DesignBOS with a little help from my friends!  Video: Garry Walsh & Colm Nicell - Snackbox films   Video Animation: Simon Dalton  Music:


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