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illustration & design​

Design BOS has a soft spot for character illustration. We build and create magical “soul”utions producing works bursting with vitality.

There is nothing quite as creative as giving birth! We literally breathe life into our characters by creating features, developing personalities and constructing apparel. By designing a characters appearance we create personality. Through this medium it is possible to convey brand ethos, through emotion. Design BOS has created many characters not only as book illustrations, but for brands nationwide.

Mascot designs are fast becoming the new way of branding, for many businesses worldwide. By using a character as your corporate brand you literally are giving your business an identity which is easily recognisable to the consumer.

The characters function, personality traits and style can easily portray the psychology of your business or your brand ethos in an amiable, fun manner and can generate excellent brand image recall. 

In these times where technology is so advanced, it is important to bring about the human connection in day to day life. Through creating a fondness for the character, one creates a fondness for what it represents, and therefore goodwill through association is generated .

Mascot or character based brands are effortlessly relatable to the general public and are particularly suited to companies wishing to merchandise their brand cross platform.

Clients include Gill and McMillan, OneCall and Quote Devil Ltd.​​


case study

Design BOS created Quote Devil back in 2006, he has since appeared in ad campaigns, newspapers, on cars and vans, Georgia Salpa's T-shirt (!!) and is currently on TV adverts across the Sky Network! 

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